Sportsplex USA Poway Contact Information

Sportsplex USA Poway Park Location
12349 McIvers Court
Poway, CA 92064

Phone - (858) 679-4000
FAX - (858) 679-4004

Sportsplex USA Poway Mailing Address
PO Box 769
Poway, CA 92074

General Information

Sportsplex USA Poway Management
Email and Phone Extensions

General Manager
Sean Melvin x303

Softball Director
Dave Mortensen x301

Indoor Soccer Director
Sean Scott x317

Food & Beverage Director
Matt Quick

Director of Marketing and Development (Advertising Sales)
Chris Vertrees x446

Softball Playing Conditions
(858) 679-4000 ext (*)714

Indoor Soccer Playing Conditions
(858) 679-4000 ext (*)725